Tania Sycheva

Hospitality Sales Representative

800-918-4000 ext. 251


Tania Sycheva started her career in the Hospitality world in customer service. She spent several years in customer service in small hotel chains working her way up to large management companies. She eventually grew her career into service, supervisor, sales and management roles.

What drives Tania professionally is knowing that a customer is completely happy with what they want and got what they need – knowing they will come back. She believes that working at LG Fulfillment is different from other companies because the focus of customer service matches her beliefs of what customer service should be, which is huge to this business and customer relationships.

My Focus

Excellent Customer Service




My Favorites

I love to draw!

Sports Teams
I’m from Chicago, so a total Cubs fan!

I love any movie that scares me or makes me laugh!