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technology solutions for new construction and renovation projects in hospitality

The journey from design to fully operational status for new construction hotels, resorts, and casinos involves several stages related to AV systems, network setup, and technology purchasing, installation, and implementation.   LG Fulfillment is your complete solutions provider of technology hardware and systems integrator for hospitality, healthcare, sports, and commercial facilities of all sizes. For more than 30 years, we have provided customers throughout the United States with industry leading customer service, worry-free project management, and the latest products and technology available. As North America's largest commercial grade digital display distributor, we provide advanced solutions, competitive prices, and unrivaled customer experience. Our dedicated, centrally located warehouses ensure an efficient process from order to shipment to receiving, allowing us to work with even the tightest timelines! 

We adopt a proactive strategy to ensure that our recommended solutions are future-proof, addressing not only current requirements but also anticipating the evolving needs of tomorrow. We collaborate with architects, designers, and engineers in both new construction and renovation endeavors to design sophisticated television and AV systems tailored to any hospitality setting. 

start building your own new construction or renovation solution for hotels with LG digital signage

Our Expert Team is Dedicated to Supporting You During Each Stage of Your New Construction Project


Infrastructure Planning and Design
Installation and Integration
Technology Planning and Procurement
Training and Handover

Throughout these stages our consultative approach ensures a seamless collaboration with your team and our seasoned experts to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of AV systems, network setup, and other technology in new construction resorts and casinos.

Elevate Guest Experiences, Increase ROI and Keep Revenue In House with Our Customized Technology Solutions 

LG hospitality technology showcase

Infrastructure Consultation and Planning
IPTV Systems
Autora Digital Signage Management
LG Pro:Centric System
LG: Pro:Centric Catena System
LG Hospitality TVs
Indoor Digital Signage
Outdoor Digital Signage
Touch-Screen Digital Signage
Transparent Digital Signage
Video Walls
And More

LG digital signage for casino resorts

Technology Solutions

Embrace the future of technology and position your new construction projects for unprecedented success. Additionally, new construction and renovation projects are the ideal time to invest in new technology solutions such as IPTV systems, digital signage content management, LG LG's Pro:Centric software and hospitality TV solutions, and Pro:Centric Catena platform. Reach out to us now to discover how our technology solutions can revolutionize your business.

IPTV: The Ultimate Platform

An IPTV system integrates your television system with your IT network to offer a tailored and efficient solution for distributing content. With the television as part of your IT network, you can easily and more cost efficiently customize the guest experience. Additionally, IPTV systems allow you to send branded, targeted information to guests, which helps you display key messages, promote your amenities and keep revenue in house.

Higher Bandwidth
Remote Management
Improved Security
Integration with IoT Devices


Unlock the Power of Autora DSM

Autora DSM is a robust digital signage content management platform that streamlines the entire process of content creation, organization, scheduling, and updates. Autora gives hospitality brands the power to enhance audience engagement and operational efficiency and drive revenue growth.

digital signage management

Guest Engagement
Operational Efficiency
Revenue Growth
Customer Loyalty
Brand Awareness
Multi-Platform Compatibility
Premium Support

LG’s Pro:Centric Hospitality Solution

Elevate your guests' experience with LG's Pro:Centric software, a professional solution that redefines hospitality standards. Our team of expert engineers has earned the trust of major hospitality brands by seamlessly installing LG's Pro:Centric server and implementing system-wide integration across their TV systems.

LG Pro:Centric solutions

Brand Customizable
Interactive Services
Guest Service Updates
OTT Streaming, QR Codes
1-click Service Requests
Targeted Guest Messages
Personalized Content
Remote Management

LG's Pro:Centric Catena

LG's Pro:Centric Catena 2.0 is an enhanced platform that streamlines display and video source management for businesses. Major hospitality brands rely on our team of expert engineers to smoothly integrate LG's Pro:Centric Catena in key guest areas. 

LG's Pro:Centric Catena installation and set up LG Fufilment

Unparalleled Access
Easy to Use
Improved Reliability
Reduced Complexity
Cost Savings
Space Savings

Build and Renovate with LGF: For All Your Technology Needs

LG Fulfillment stands out as a one-stop shop, offering innovative technology, expert consulting, tailored installation services, and unwavering support that aligns perfectly with your unique requirements. With a history of providing innovative solutions since 1990, we leverage our significant buying power to deliver competitive pricing, ensuring that even organizations on a budget can enjoy state-of-the-art technology for an exceptional experience. Whether you are embarking on a new hospitality venture or upgrading existing equipment, our dedicated team is ready to assist, offering efficient shipping options and professional guidance throughout the entire process. Choose LG Fulfillment, and you are selecting a partner committed to managing and executing your project seamlessly, regardless of its size or complexity. For inquiries or to start building your own new construction or renovation solution, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741

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At LG Fulfillment, we strive to be true partners as we provide the equipment and services you need to keep your healthcare or hospitality facility running smoothly. Founded in 1990, we have decades of experience developing solutions that suit your unique needs, no matter how large or small your facility may be. You can count on us for:

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