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Elevate Guest Experiences: Hospitality Solutions for Casinos and Resorts

Why Choose LG Fulfillment?  

With decades of experience serving the hospitality industry, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Trusted by renowned brands like the Ritz Carlton, Marriott, and Hilton for over 30 years, we deliver hospitality technology you can rely on. Our hybrid distributor/integrator model provides you with one source for all your technology needs, allowing us to offer competitive pricing. No one else rivals our in-house expertise with the LG technology ecosystem, and we have a dedicated team to ensure you have a smooth end-to-end project experience. 

Our hospitality solutions feature cutting-edge technology, user-friendly content management systems, interactive capabilities, seamless integrations, scalability, data analytics tools, energy-efficient displays, and robust security features, collectively elevating the digital experience for casino and resort owners and significantly contributing to the success of their marketing campaigns. 

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Our Commercial Technology Solutions


LG Digital Signage

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Transparent

LG Hospitality Grade TVs

  • 4K
  • OLED
  • Smart

Professional Services

  • Pro:Centric Server Installation
  • Pro:Centric Catena Installation
  • IT Equipment

Creative Services

  • Content Design 
  • UX Design  
  • Digital Art in Partnership with Art Republic 

Casino and Resort Common Area Technology Content Management

  • Autora DSM

Hospitality Products

  • Mounts
  • Remotes
  • Ice Machines
  • Hotel Appliances
  • HVACs

Revenue Growth with Our Cutting-Edge Technology

Advertise in-house bars, restaurants, casino specials, shops, and events directly to your guests through their in-room smart TVs and on digital displays property-wide! For more information, please contact one of our dedicated hospitality sales team members. 

Resort and Casino ProCentric Theme